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Construction Update - 5/22/2020

This past week's (5/18/20 to 5/23/20) scheduled work activities:

  • Pour elevator 5 foundation at G-2 Level.

  • Pour pile caps at G-2 level A line.

  • Pouring columns at G-2 Level.

  • Drilling and pouring caissons on G-1 level continues.

  • Forming and pouring G-1 level continuous & spread footings continues.

  • Service duct bank, deep underground electrical, and lighting protection installation is underway.

Next week's (5/11/20 to 5/16/20) scheduled work activities:

  • Pouring of elevator #5 pit walls.

  • Inspection and testing of plumbing installation at G-2 level.

  • Installation of Cyclotron vault door frame into wall form.

  • Forming and pouring continuous footings at G-2 level.

  • Drilling and pouring Caissons at G-1 level continues.

  • Spread footing waterproofing.

  • Installation of deep underground electrical duct bank continues.

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