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Construction Update - 6/04/2021

The HSRB – II job site is continuing to perform work on site under modified site rules that take into account the latest recommendations from the CDC. Locally, as the weekly number of new Covid cases has continued to decline, the practice of taking individuals temperatures to enter the job site has been suspended. If the total number of new cases begins to climb we will reevaluate this procedure.

This past week's (5/31/21 to 6/05/21) scheduled work activities:


  • Overhead MEP Installation continues.

  • Installing fire suppression equipment, G-1 Areas A& B

  • Framing and Hanging Hot Cell Soffits – G-2

  • Continuing review of material and procedures of elements and installation details for BSL3 lab areas.

  • Installation of Pneumatic tube system for cyclotron and hot cell areas has begun.

Level 1

  • In Wall MEP Installation continues.

  • Top out non-priority walls starts in North Tower.

Level 2

  • MEP installation & Sheet metal HVAC ductwork rough-in continues.

  • Level 2 non-priority wall walling underway.

  • Exterior wall framing – Area A.

  • Installing fire suppression equipment – Area – A.

Level 3

  • Overhead MEP Installation continues.

  • Exterior wall framing – Area – A.

Level 4

  • Priority wall framing, South Tower.

  • Overhead MEP installation – Areas C & D.

Level 5

  • Priority wall layout – North Tower.

  • Removal of shoring after penthouse concrete fully cured.

Level 6

  • Priority Wall Layout – North Tower.

  • Overhead plumbing installation = North Tower.

Mechanical Penthouse

  • Setting of 4 air handling units (AHU’s) on South Tower.


  • Georgia Power made final connections of 4th transformer into HSRB – I & II main switch gears.

  • Delivery of bulk sterilizers has begun to site for installation.


  • Air & Weather Barrier applied (l2-L6 North Face) Aqua colored material applied on outside of building.

  • Punched window frames (L3 – L4 North Face).

  • Curtain wall framing (L2-L5 North Tower).

  • Curtain wall framing (G1 South Tower).

  • Exterior framing (L3-L4 Southwest Face) (See Image West Side.jpg above)

Next week's (6/07/21 to 6/13/21) scheduled work activities:

G2 & G1

  • Granite installation will continue along Andrews Circle continues.

  • Overhead MEP installation continues G2 & G1.

  • Installing C channels on South end of Catwalk Mezzanine.

  • Installation of X braces on North & South corridor of catwalk.

  • Installation of Drywall framing in area of 7T MRI underway.

Level 1

  • Overhead MEP installation continues.

  • Top out non-priority walls – North Tower.

Level 2

  • Overhead MEP Installation continues.

  • Installation of Fire Suppression equipment in Area B.

  • Non-Priority wall framing South Tower.

  • Exterior Drywall framing South tower.

Level 3

  • Overhead MEP work continues.

  • Steelwork on Elevator duct shaft – South Tower.

Level 4

  • Overhead MEP installation – North Tower.

  • Steel work on elevator shaft duct – North Tower.

Level 5

  • Priority wall framing – North Tower.

  • Exterior wall framing Area A.

Level 6

  • Exterior wall framing Area A.

  • Priority wall layout North Tower.

  • Overhead plumbing installation continues.

Mechanical Penthouse

  • Continued work on AHU’s and parapet wall


  • Granite installation along Andrews Circle will continue.

  • Working continues in Micro-grid area.


  • Air & Weather Barrier applied (l2-L6 West Face)

  • Punched window frames (L4 – L6 North Face).

  • Curtain wall framing (L5-L5 North Tower).

  • CMU Installation (L4-L6 Southwest Face).

  • CMU installation (L2-L3 South Face)

  • Exterior Framing (L5-L6 Southwest Face).

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