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Construction Update - 5/1/2020

The HSRB–II job site is continuing to perform work on site under modified site rules that take into account the latest recommendations from the CDC. Work will continue as long as project managers feel that everyone on the job site can continue to do so safety. The additional safety measure of taking the temperature of everyone who comes on site will begin on 4/20/2020.

This past week's (4/27/20 to 5/2/20) scheduled work activities:

  • Backfilling at G1 & G2 walls.

  • Installation of G-1 spread footings continued.

  • Concrete pours will continue on the remaining sections of G-2 wall.

  • Pouring of G2 electrical duct bank.

  • Plumbing tests and inspection for under slab work @ G-2.

  • Installation of waterproofing membrane for G-2 Spread footings continued.

Next week's (5/4/20 to 5/9/20) scheduled work activities:

  • Forming and pouring of G-1 spread and continuous footings will continue.

  • Preprufe/waterproofing membrane installation at G1 spread and continuous footings continues.

  • Pouring elevator pits at G-1 level.

  • Installation of new water line from Haygood begins.

  • Drilling and pouring Caissons continues.

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