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Construction Update- 4/24/2020

This past week's (4/20/20 to 4/25/20) scheduled work activities:

  • Excavation activities continue on the G- 1 level continued.

  • Installation of G-1 spread footings continued.

  • Drilled Pier installation on G-2 level began.

  • Newly drilled hole

  • Newly drilled hole after installation of rebar cage and concrete.

  • G-2 elevator pit walls were poured.

  • G-2 underground plumbing pipe installation.

  • Set sleeves for electrical ductbank through G-2 foundation wall.

  • Waterproofing of G-2 elevator sump pits and G-1 spread footings.

Aerial photographs of the work underway this past week on site:

Next week's (4/27/20 to 5/2/20) scheduled work activities.

  • G2 wall pour continues.

  • Backfill of G1 & G2 walls begin.

  • G-1 spread footing pours continue.

  • G-1 level elevator pit walls are poured.

  • Pouring G-2 electrical ductbank.

  • Plumbing inspections and testing.

  • Preprufe/waterproofing installation for G-2 spread footings continues.

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