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Construction Update - 6/24/2022

This past week's (6/20/22 to 6/25/22) scheduled work activities:


  • Going 100% clean booties required in this area.

  • Final Paint

  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) Biorepository

  • Terrazzo floors have been completed.


  • Ceiling Grid installation in 3 T MRI Suite.

  • Door Installation continues. Lighting fixtures in mechanical rooms.

  • 7 T MRI calibration has begun.

  • Terrazzo Floor installation continues.

  • View from Level 2 of Atrium from center bridge looking East

Level 1

  • Operable Smoke evacuation panel installation continues.

  • Café' Rough in continues.

Level 2

  • Hanging drywall in East connector/HSRB- I

  • Installation of Atrium liquid light on level 2 continues.

  • 9 wood ceiling installation continues.

  • punch walk completed on L2 North tower/Offices

Level 3

  • Electrical trim out continues.

  • Symphony bench Installation continues in wet labs.

Level 4

  • Plumbing Fixture Installation.

  • Fire Alarm & Electrical device trim out continues various locations.

Level 5

  • Lighting fixture installation continues

Level 6

  • ACT Ceiling installation continues

  • Glass handrail installation continues.

  • Atrium soffit hanging and ceiling drywall installation continues.

  • Work continues on balcony ceilings and marble.

Mechanical Penthouse

  • Installation of Terracotta tiles on exterior of mechanical penthouses continues.

  • Installation of metal panels on the interior and exterior parapet walls continues.

  • TPO & mod- bit roof installation continues.

  • Building plenums & installing louvers.


  • Installation of granite continues on the South elevation of building continues.

  • Installation of Rosa Borba & Marble at SW Entry is underway again.

  • Marble at balconies on North elevation continues.

HSRB – I Vivarium Expansion:

  • Installation of ceiling tiles.

  • Installation of utility connections to HSRB – I completed.

  • Work continues in GNOTO room.


  • Installation concrete pathways on plaza level continues.

  • Light weight soil installation to continues.

  • Installation of two 15,000 gallon rain water cisterns has begun.

Next week's (6/27/22 to 7/02/22) scheduled work activities:


  • G2 Level is going 100% clean booties must be worn at all times.

  • Final touch up painting underway.

  • SAT (site acceptance testing) begins for bio-repository.


  • 7-T MRI calibration continues.

  • Ceiling grid installation in 3 T MRI suite continues.

  • Door installation continues.

  • Lighting fixtures in Mechanical rooms continues.

  • Continue installation of terrazzo flooring G-1 lobby.

  • Door installation continues.

Level 1

  • Café MEP rough in continues.

  • Operable Smoke panel installation continues.

  • Punch walk of L 1 South.

  • Atrium Terrazzo installation starts.

Level 2

  • Hanging drywall in East connector with HSRB – I.

  • Atrium "liquid light " installation to continue.

Level 3

  • Electrical trim out continues.

  • Symphony bench installation continues.

  • North Wing punch walk of L3 to begin.

Level 4

  • Fire alarm and electrical device trim out to continues.

  • Plumbing fixture installation continues.

Level 5

  • Light fixture installation.

Level 6

  • Installation of drywall ceiling in atrium to be completed.

  • Installation on balcony fascia continues.

Mechanical Penthouse

  • Interior and exterior parapet metal panel installation continues.

  • Terra Cotta Installation on North & South Penthouse continues.

  • Mod – bit & TPO roof installation continues.

  • Building Plenums and Louver Installation to continue.

  • Outside air duct Installation.

  • Installation of metal cooling tower platform and penthouse roof stairs.


  • Granite installation at South elevations continues.

  • Installation of marble at balconies continues.

  • installation Rosa Borba at SW Entry/elevation to continue.

HSRB – I Vivarium Expansion:

  • Ceiling tile installation to continue.


  • Rain water cistern excavation and installation to continue.

  • Side walk installation at East Plaza to continue.

  • LW soil installation to continue.

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