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Construction Update - 5/27/2022

This past week's (5/23/22 to 5/28/22) scheduled work activities:


  • Installation of toilet partitions.

  • Installation of Cyclotron continues

  • Installation of Biorepository nearing completion.

  • Organic Synthetic Chemistry lab casework install near completion.


  • Trim out continues in BSL 3 areas.

  • 3 T MRI drywall and wall finishing underway.

  • MEP rough in continues in 3 T suite.

  • Techniplast installation in aquatics suite continues.

  • Installation of case work continues various locations.

Level 1

  • Structural and wall framing continues in Café area.

  • MEP rough in at Café in early stages of installation.

  • Lab tables and bench installation continues.

  • Terrazzo floor and casework installation underway on L1 North.

Level 2

  • Lab Table and Bench installation continues.

  • Glass handrail installation continues.

  • 9wood ceiling installation continues.

Level 3

  • Atrium soffit framing continues.

  • Installation of flooring in North wing offices.

  • Final coats of paint underway.

  • Installation of 9wood ceilings continues.

  • Installation of furnishing continues in write up areas.

Level 4

  • Atrium drywall soffit hanging continues.

  • Device trim out continues.

Level 5

  • Sterilizer MEP connections continue.

  • Lab casework installation continues.

Level 6

  • Installation of Interior storefront glass underway.

  • Final Coat paint – doors and frames.

  • ACT device trim out underway..

Mechanical Penthouse

  • Installation of Terracotta tiles on exterior of mechanical penthouses continues.

  • Installation of metal panels on the interior and exterior parapet walls continues.

  • TPO & mod- bit roof installation continues.

  • Installation of East Trellis continues.

  • Installation of HVAC Louvers & Dampers continues.

  • Installation of penthouse floor traffic coating underway.


  • Installation of granite continues on the North and South elevation of building.

  • Installation of Rosa Borba& Marble at SW Entry continues.

  • Installation of marble & ceilings at North elevation balcony's continues .

HSRB – I Vivarium Expansion:

  • Installation of ACT grid underway.

  • Installation of utility connections to HSRB – I continue.


  • Installation of trees on plaza level continues.

  • Installation of additional cellular concrete on plaza is underway.

  • CW 1 scaffolding removal underway.

  • Light weight soil installation to continue.

Next week's (5/30/22 to 6/04/22) scheduled work activities:


  • Stonehard installation to resume in select areas.


  • 7-T suite build out to continue.

  • 7-T MRI drywall hanging and finishing to continue.

  • Stonehard installation resumes in selected areas.

  • BSL trim out to continue.

  • Plumbing fixture and bathroom accessory installation.

Level 1

  • Café MEP rough in to continue.

  • Level 1 North Owner punch.

Level 2

  • Installation of 9 2 wood ceilings to continue.

  • Lab table installation to continue.

Level 3

  • Installation of Flooring in North Offices.

  • Installation of 9wood ceilings continue..

  • Atrium Soffit finishing.

Level 4

  • Atrium soffit framing to continue.

  • Device trim out to continue.

  • Final coats of paint being applied.

Level 5

  • Sterilizer MEP connections continue.

  • Lab case work installation continues.

  • Atrium soffit framing continues.

Level 6

  • Interior store front glass installation continues.

  • Installation of glass handrailing's underway.

  • ACT device out continues

Mechanical Penthouse

  • Interior and exterior parapet metal panel installation continues.

  • Terra Cotta Installation on North & South Penthouse continues.

  • Mod – bit & TPO roof installation continues.

  • Louver Installation to continue.

  • AHU damper installation continues.

  • Traffic coat installation on floors continues.


  • Marble installation continues on MC 11, & 12 (master climber).

  • Granite installation at North elevation (balcony's) continues.

  • Installation of Rosa Borba on holding awaiting next shipment from Port of Savannah.

  • Granite installation at North & South elevations to continue.

HSRB – I Vivarium Expansion:

  • Stonehard installation to resume.


  • Cellular concrete installation at plaza level to continue.

  • Side walk layout prep at East Plaza to continue.

  • LW soil installation to continue

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