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Construction Update - 4/29/2022

This past week's (4/25/22 to 4/30/22) scheduled work activities:


  • Installation of ceiling tiles.


  • Installation of ceiling grid in Aquatics Suite

  • 7T Electrical Equipment installation continues.

  • Final coat being applied in offices.

  • 7T MRI Suite RF Shielding and wall build out continues.

  • Installation of 7 T ceiling grid

  • Dry wall Installation and finishing continues.

Level 1

  • 9 wood ceiling installation in corridors has begun.

  • Furniture installation has begun on L1.

  • Installation and finishing of hard/drywall ceilings continues.

Level 2

  • Installation at Balconet fascia underway.

  • Application of final coat of paint underway.

  • Installation of Carpet and cove base underway.

Level 3

  • Framing of exterior balcony ceilings underway.

  • Lab casework counter installation continues.

Level 4

  • Mechanical connections to sterilizers continues.

  • Installation of Atrium drywall and framing continues.

  • Installation of casework in meeting rooms continues.

Level 5

  • Framing of the Monumental Stairs continues.

  • Installation of hard ceilings in meeting space. underway.

  • Installation of light fixtures in hard ceilings.

  • Framing of ceilings in atrium continues.

Level 6

  • Eyebrow drain installation continues

  • Installation of glass handrailing shoes on East Monumental stairs.

  • Hanging hard ceilings

  • Work on Skylight continues.

  • Application of primer and 1st coat of finish paint underway.

Mechanical Penthouse

  • Installation of Terracotta tiles on exterior of mechanical penthouses continues.

  • Installation of metal panels on the interior and exterior parapet walls continues.

  • TPO & mod- bit roof installation continues.

  • Installation of East Trellis continues


  • Marble installation continues on South & SW Façade of South Tower @ MC #7, & #12. Installation of granite continues on the North elevation of building.

  • Installation of Rosa Borba has begun.

HSRB – I Vivarium Expansion:

  • Stonhard installation is underway.

  • Installation of utility connections to HSRB – I continue.


  • Installation of trees on plaza level continues.

Next week's (5/02/22 to 5/07/22) scheduled work activities:


  • Installation of Lab casework and benches.


  • Installing ceiling grid in G1 Lobby.

  • Installing ceiling tile in BSL 3 labs.

  • 7 T MEP overhead rough in underway.

  • Techniplast delivery in aquatics and installation

Level 1

  • Installation of light fixtures in 9 wood ceilings.

  • Lab Tables and bench installation to begin

Level 2

  • Plumbing fixture installation underway.

  • Application of Final coat of paint underway.

  • Installation of 9 wood ceilings to begin.

Level 3

  • Finish installation of Canopy hoods.

  • Framing of monumental stairs to continue.

Level 4

  • Startup of Phoenix valves.

  • Installation of Lab casework continues.

  • Dropping of ceiling tile in North and South Wings.

Level 5

  • Installation of lab casework continues.

  • ACT Grid installation continues – North Wing.

  • Atrium soffit framing continues.

Level 6:.

  • Installation of balcony glass is underway.

  • Lab casework delivery.

Mechanical Penthouse

  • Interior and exterior parapet metal panel installation continues.

  • Terra Cotta Installation on North & South Penthouse continues.

  • Mod – bit & TPO roof installation continues.

  • East Trellis installation begins.


  • Marble installation continues on MC # 7, 8, 11, & 12 (master climber).

  • Granite installation at North elevation continues.

  • Installation of Rosa Borba to continue.

HSRB – I Vivarium Expansion:

  • Installation of Stonehard in vivarium expansion to conclude.

  • Tie ins of utilities from HSRB – I expansion continues.


  • Selected finish grading in some areas.

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