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Construction Update - 3/12/2021

The HSRB – II job site is continuing to perform work on site under modified site rules that take into account the latest recommendations from the CDC. The project will continue as long as we feel that everyone on the job site can continue to do so safety. The additional safety measure of taking the temperature of everyone who comes on site will continue until further notice.

This past week's (3/8/21 to 3/13/21) scheduled work activities:


  • Vivarium Air Handler installed onto house keeping pad.

  • Overhead MEP work continues.

  • Layout of walls continues with installation of top tracks.

  • Above ceiling and wall Cyclotron shield installation underway.


  • Overhead MEP Rough-In continues.

  • Layout of walls continues with installation of top tracks.

  • 3T & 7T underslab shielding completed.

  • Catwalk installation underway

Level 1

  • All shoring removed L 1

  • Wall Layout and installation of top tracks began.

  • Exterior Sheathing underway

  • Overhead MEP installation underway North Tower.

  • Priority wall installation underway North Tower.

Level 2

  • Shoring removed in area level 2 pour 1.

Level 3

  • Shoring timbers remain in place.

Level 4

  • Shoring timbers remain in place.

Level 5

  • Concrete pour Level 5 areas 3 & 4 completed.

  • Setting and placing columns on level 5 areas 2 & 3.

Level 6

  • Concrete formwork being installed on Level 6 areas 1 & 2


  • Andrews Circle grading work/road prep continues.

  • Delivery on APS’s for Micro-grid in generator yard completed on 3/5/21.

  • Work on exterior mock up continues .

  • Work on Generator yard retaining wall continues.

Next week's (3/15/21 to 3/20/21) scheduled work activities:

G2 & G1

  • Overhead MEP rough-in continues.

  • Layout of interior walls continues.

  • Installation of fire caulking around MEP penetrations continue.

  • Frame, hang, and finish priority wall.

Level 1

  • Overhead MEP rough-in North Tower.

  • Exterior Sheathing continues.

  • Priority Wall rough in on North Tower.

Level 2

  • Begin removal of reshoring timbers on level 2 continues.

Level 3

  • Shoring timbers remains in place.

Level 4

  • Shoring timbers in place.

Level 5

  • Forming & pouring columns to support 6 floor slab continue in area 4.

Level 6

  • Installation of form work for Level 6 concrete continues in areas 3 & 4

  • Concrete pour in area 1 scheduled.


  • Installation of asphalt base course begins on Andrews Circle.

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