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Construction Update - 10/16/2020

The HSRB – II job site is continuing to perform work on site under modified site rules that take into account the latest recommendations from the CDC. The team will continue as long as management feels that everyone on the job site can continue to do so safety. The additional safety measure of taking the temperature of everyone who comes on site stated on 4/20/20 and will continue until further notice.

This past week's (10/12/20 to 10/17/20) scheduled work activities:


  • Continuing Backfilling G2 Foundation Walls

  • Slab on Grad pour #4

  • Installing Reshoring on G2


  • Continuing Foundation Wall Installation

  • Pouring Slab on Grade Pour 2

Level 1:

  • Installing Formwork for Level 1 Pour 5

  • Pouring Level 1 Pour 3

  • Installing MEP Duct Bank (Utilidor)

Vivarium Expansion:

  • Continue Installing Vivarium Foundation System

  • Installing MEP Underground Conduit

Next week's (10/19/20 to 10/24/20) scheduled work activities:


  • Pour North retaining wall footing.


  • Continuing backfilling G2 foundation walls.


  • Continue Foundation Wall Installation.

Level 1:

  • Installing formwork for Level 1, pour #5

  • Pouring Level 1, pour #2

  • MEP Rough in on Level 1 pour #5

Vivarium Expansion:

  • Continue Installing Vivarium Foundation System.

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