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Construction Update - 9/27/19

This week’s (9/23 – 9/27) construction activities:

  • Erosion/Sedimentation control fencing and other sediment control measures completed, and inspected by City of Atlanta.

  • Foundation permit was submitted to City of Atlanta on 9/25/19

  • Web – Cameras were installed on Wednesday 9/25  Links should be operational by mid-week for both cameras via a link on the Project website. -- 1 camera is located on top of CHOA parking deck stair tower (See photo of camera and views from CHOA deck) -- 1 camera is installed on NW corner of mechanical penthouse roof of HSRB – I.

  • JE Dunn has begun site specific safety training/orientation sessions with sub-contractors and Emory staff.

Next week’s (9/30 – 10/4) scheduled construction activities will include:

  • Grading Contractor  (Dennis Taylor) will begin leveling of the site.

  • Tree removal will begin.

  • Digging of test pits across site to verify rock locations will begin.

  • JE Dunn Office Trailer installation will continue with installation of site fencing around the trailers -- Office furniture and set up of work stations and conference rooms will continue.

  • Uncovering of abandoned chilled water pipes  (from Turman West) along Andrews Cir. 10/3 -- Abatement activities will begin 0n 10/7/19 once the pipes are carefully excavated.

  • Begin early stages of work for utility relocation near loading dock of HSRB – I.

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