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Construction Update - 9/13/19

This week’s (9/9 – 9/13) construction activities:

  • Site fence installation completed.

  • Delivery of 7 of 8 JE Dunn office trailers, last trailer scheduled for 11:00 AM 9/13/19.

  • Erosion/Sedimentation control fencing and other sediment control measures completed.

  • Removal of some site electrical poles and site furniture began.

  • Multiple Hornet nests removed from trees on site.

  • Marking of temporary emergency egress route out of West end of HSRB – I down old fire lane to Haygood. -- This exit is now for emergency egress only.

Next week’s (9/16 - 9/20) scheduled construction activities will include:

  • Grading Contractor will begin leveling of the site, assuming City of Atlanta issues LDP permit as expected..

  • Tree removal will begin.

  • JE Dunn Office Trailer installation will continue with installation of electrical, plumbing, phone, and data hook ups. .

  • Uncovering of abandoned chilled water pipes  (from Turman West) along Andrews Cir. -- Abatement activities will begin during week of 9/23 once the pipes are carefully excavated.

  • Begin early stages of work for utility relocation near loading dock.

  • Complete removal of patio furniture from outside of HSRB – I Café.

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