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Construction Update - 10/25/2019

This past week’s (10/21 – 10/26) scheduled construction activities will include:

  • Completed control pond and swale

  • Completed mobilization into trailer by JE Dunn and their trade partners.

  • Digging of test pits near HSRB- I to verify edge of previously excavated rock from HSRB – I project.

  • Tree removal completed.

  • Additional interior documentation of interior existing conditions.

  • Leveling of west end of job site.

  • Meeting with EPD, CHOA, JeDunn and Planning Design and Construction to discuss potential upcoming traffic control matters.

  • Removal of outdoor light fixtures from site to storage.

Next week's ( 10/28 – 11/1/19scheduled construction activities:

  • Line drilling near HSRB – I will begin on Friday 11/1/19. -- This is a series of 4” holes drilled into a straight line resulting in a physical gap that will make the transfer of vibration towards HSRB I more unlikely.

  • Removal of an old abandoned 4KVA electrical manhole near Haygood.

  • Begin excavation for stormwater detention piping ( Line “A” ) along/parallel to Haygood Road.

  • Test rock removal activity on 10/30/19 @ 4:30 PM.

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