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Construction Update - 4/10/2020

The HSRB – II job site is continuing to perform work on site under modified site rules that take into account the latest recommendations from the CDC. Work will continue as long as operations managers feel that everyone on the job site can continue to do so safety.

Emory, JE Dunn (contractor) and HOK (architects) are working to keep moving forward but are are still assessing the short and long term impacts to the overall construction schedule resulting from the delays caused by our unusually wet weather, delays to the start of blasting resulting from reviews required by CSX railroad and now the COVID–19 Pandemic. Updated will continue to posted on this web site.

This past week's (4/3/20 to 4/11/20) scheduled work activities:

  • Blasts were conducted on all 5 days this past week. The blasts have gotten much smaller as we have gotten closer to the HSRB – I.

  • Excavation of G-1 level continues.

  • Pouring of multiple spread footings on G-2 Level is underway, and footings for columns continue.

  • Installation of waterproofing membrane surrounding the spread footings and column bases are part of these pours.

  • Installation of duct banks at generator yard continues.

  • Installation of new sanitary line across Haygood near ambulance exit from CHOA continues.

Next week's (4/13/20 to 4/18/20) scheduled work activities:

  • Drilling and rock blasts are scheduled for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday). We are optimistic these will be our last 3 blasts. Weather may dictate that these blasts a delayed 1 day depending on how much rain the site receives on Sunday & Sunday night.

  • Mass excavation of G-1 level will continue.

  • Installation of sanitary ductile iron piping across Haygood drive near ambulance exit from CHOA will be completed this week.

  • Pouring of the first wall section at G2 level will take place.

  • Demolition of existing site wall at existing HSRB – I loading dock will begin.

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