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Construction Update - 11/8/2019

This past week's (11/4 – 11/8/19) scheduled construction activities:

  • Main category of work has been and will remain “Site Work” for the next few months.

  • Removal of excess soil and leveling of site has begun.

  • 200 + truckloads of soil removed Monday – Thursday.

  • Ga Power relocated guy wire for overhead power pole along Haygood to facilitate installation of storm water pipes.

  • Installation of storm drain line A along Haygood begins

  • Retaining wall along parking spaces at Andrews Circle was removed.

  • Ram Hoe smashing “decorative boulders” left behind from HSRB – I project so they can be hauled off and removed from site.

Next week's (11/11 – 11/15) scheduled construction activities:

  • Removal of abandoned electrical manholes. Along Haygood Drive

  • Continue installation of storm line A along Haygood Drive.

  • Continue leveling of site and removal of soil & miscellaneous abandoned underground utilities.

  • Resume line drilling near HSRB – I, in preparation for site work closer to HSRB – I. This will reduce possibility of vibrations affecting HSRB – I.

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