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Construction Update - 4/09/2022

The traffic flow restrictions and lane reductions along Haygood Drive between Clifton and Ridgewood Drive that began on Tuesday 3/2/22 are the results of a DeKalb County Water line installation project.

This work is being managed by DeKalb County and not Emory's Planning, Design, and Construction Department.

We are told that weather permitting the project will take between 6 – 8 weeks and will be completed prior to Emory's Graduation weekend activities.

This past week's (4/04/22 to 4/09/22) scheduled work activities:


  • Installation of wood doors on offices.

  • Final trim out of Cyclotron has begun.

  • Installation of backsplash in break room..


  • 7T equipment cabinets have been delivered to job site.

  • ACT ceiling framing and tile installation is underway.

  • Delivery of lab casework

  • Vivarium device trim out continues.

Level 1

  • Terrazzo installation completed in the North wing.

  • ACT tile installation in North and South wings continues.

  • Installation of restroom accessories continues.

  • Installation of Controlled Environmental rooms continues.

  • Fixture & device trim out continues.

  • Final painting and flooring installation is underway.

Level 2

  • ACT ceiling tile installation continues.

  • Interior storefront glass/doors continues.

  • Installation of glass atrium handrails is underway

  • Installation of drywall at West atrium opening continues.

Level 3

  • Handrail shoe (metal channel) installation for glass handrail has begun..

  • Installation of plumbing fixtures.

Level 4

  • ACT ceiling framing continues in North Wing.

  • Installation of glass hand railings, in center atrium continues.

  • Installation of Marble at end walls of balcony is underway.

Level 5

  • Rough-in for ACT grid is underway in North Wing..

  • Finishing of drywall ceilings.

  • Installation of East Monumental stairs continues.

Level 6

  • Finishing drywall – South wing.

  • Framing of hard ceilings in North wing.

  • Work continues on the interior of the skylight.

  • ACM installation at exterior "eyebrow" continues.

Mechanical Penthouse

  • Installation of Terracotta tiles on exterior of mechanical penthouses continues.

  • Installation of metal panels on the interior and exterior parapet walls continues.

  • TPO & mod- bit roof installation continues.


  • Marble installation continues on South & SW Façade of South Tower @ MC #9, #10 & #11.

  • Installation of granite continues on the North elevation of building.

HSRB – I Vivarium Expansion:

  • Installation of overhead MEP continues.

  • In wall MEP rough in continues.

  • Installation of utility connections to HSRB – I are underway.


  • Installation of trees on plaza level continues.

Next week's (4/11/22 to 4/16/22) scheduled work activities:


  • Final electrical trim out at Cyclotron.

  • H2I table delivery is scheduled.


  • Installation of Stair #4 continues South East Corner of South wing.

  • Plumbing fixture installation continues.

  • Vivarium device trim out continues

  • Monumental stair installation continues. G1 to L1

  • Stonehard remobilizes to finish Stonehard installation.

  • 7T electrical equipment connections begin.

Level 1

  • Atrium electrical rough – in.

  • Balcony Drywall exterior framing.

  • Final coat of paint North Wing.

  • Carpet installation in North Offices continues.

Level 2

  • Fixture & device trim out.

  • Drywall framing at Monumental stairs continues.

Level 3

  • Framing of drywall soffit in atrium continues.

  • Installation of sterilizer plumbing continues.

Level 4

  • Handrailing shoe installation – East Atrium stairs continues.

  • Installation of silicone on fire rated frames continues.

Level 5

  • Electrical ACT rough-in and trim out continue.

  • Air distribution installation of finishes.

Level 6:.

  • ACT grid installation begins – South wing.

  • Prime and 1st coat of paint applied – South wing.

Mechanical Penthouse

  • Interior and exterior parapet metal panel installation continues.

  • Terra Cotta Installation on North & South Penthouse continues.

  • Mod – bit & TPO roof installation continues.


  • Marble installation continues on MC # 7, & 12 (master climber).

  • Granite installation at North elevation continues.

HSRB – I Vivarium Expansion:

  • Rough-in of Overhead MEP lines continues.

  • Installation of Stonehard in vivarium expansion to begin.

  • Tie ins of utilities from HSRB – I expansion continues.


  • Selected finish grading in some areas.

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