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Construction Update - 2/4/2022

This past week's (1/31/22 to 2/05/22) scheduled work activities:


  • Biorepository Installation continues.

  • Installation of lighting in Hot cell area.


  • Stonhard installation in BSL3 labs North & South continues.

  • Installation of plumbing fixtures in restrooms is underway

  • Drywall finishing in imaging center control rooms.

  • Wonder wall framing continues.

  • Framing of Vivarium Office walls continues.

Level 1

  • Interior store front Installation underway.

  • Installation of Fixed Casework and wall standards in wet labs.

  • Trimming out of electrical devices underway.

Level 2

  • Atrium soffit framing & electrical rough in underway.

  • Interior storefront glass installation continues.

  • ACT Ceiling grid and Rough-in continues.

Level 3

  • Finishing Drywall in North Tower.

  • Priming and first coat of paint South Tower.

Level 4

  • Finishing drywall South Tower.

  • Framing of West Atrium bridge.

Level 5

  • Installation of Drywall in South Tower.

  • Installation of electrical panels in South Labs

Level 6

  • Drywall installation at interior of Skylight.

  • In wall MEP Rough-in continues.

Mechanical Penthouse

  • Eyebrow framing on Master Climbers #5 & MC#6 continues.

  • AHU device installation continues.

  • Painting of fire sprinkler piping continues at underside of skylight.


  • Marble installation continues on MC #8, #9, & #10.

  • Installation of TPO roofing on South Penthouse roofs continues.

  • Structural curtainwall panting completed.

  • Stucco installation on exterior of Skylight has begun.

  • Curtain wall #6 installation continues.

  • West Trellis Installation has begun.

  • Installation of glass on East pedestrian bridges continues.

HSRB – I Vivarium Expansion:

  • Installation of overhead MEP pipes continues.

  • Framing of walls in interior of space has begun


  • Installation of light weight soils for plaza areas continues.

Next week's (2/07/22 to 2/12/22) scheduled work activities:


  • Installation of Biorepository to continue.

  • Installation of Fume hoods begins.


  • Installation of Stonhard in BSL 3 labs continue.

  • Drywall and drying continues throughout space.

  • Framing of ceilings inG1 Lobby.

  • Stainless Steel Countertops in Viv begins.

Level 1

  • Fume hood Installation in South Wet Labs.

  • Installation of center monumental stairs begins.

  • West Atrium Soffit Framing underway.

Level 2

  • Interior Storefront installation continues.

  • West Atrium soffit framing.

Level 3

  • Installation of Glass at North Offices.

  • Installation of interior storefront to continue.

Level 4

  • Lab Lighting and Service panel installation continues.

  • Hanging Drywall in – South Tower continues.

Level 5

  • Installation of lighting and service panels in Wet Labs continues.

  • Hanging of Drywall in South Tower.

Level 6:

  • Installation of drywall at Skylight contnues.

  • In wall MEP rough - ins continues,

Mechanical Penthouse

  • Eyebrow framing above Master Climbers #6 & #7 to continue.

  • AHU device installation continues.


  • Marble installation continues on MC # 8, 9, & 10 (master climber).

  • Installation of TPO roofing continues on South Penthouse Roof continues.

  • Structural Curtin wall #1 glass installation prep continues.

  • Stucco installation at Skylight exterior continues (weather permitting).

  • Curtainwall 6 installation continues.

HSRB – I Vivarium Expansion:

  • Installation of Overhead MEP lines continues and wall framing.


  • Installation of light weight soils continues.

  • Excavation for North courtyard continues.

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