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Construction Update - 2/28/2020

This past week's (2/24/20 to 2/29/20) scheduled work activities.

  • Rock blasts # 18, #19, & #20 were successfully performed on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.

  • Mass Excavation of G2 Level continues.

  • Installation pouring of site wall continued.

  • Removal and salvage of marble on HSRB – I began at café.

  • 95% construction documents delivered at EOB on Friday 2/28/20.

Next week's (3/2/20 to 3/7/20) scheduled work activities.

  • Rock removal scheduled for Monday, Wednesday & Friday (numbers 21, 22, & 23).

  • Mass excavation of G-2 level should conclude.

  • Mass excavation of G-1 level will begin.

  • Site retaining wall should conclude.

  • Excavation and installation of new fire line pipes will begin.

  • 95% set of documents to be delivered to City of Atlanta for review by City for Building Permit set.

Long term look ahead activities:

  • Potholing in Haygood drive for new sanitary line installation is on hold because we are waiting on City of Atlanta permit to work in Haygood.

  • Erection of project tower crane has slipped 1 week to weekend of 3/21/20 - 3/22/20.

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