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Construction Update - 2/18/2022

This past week's (2/14/22 to 2/19/22) scheduled work activities:


  • Installation of Bathroom Tile has been completed.

  • Installation of Biorepository continues.


  • Stonhard installation in BSL3 labs North & South continues.

  • Installation of fixtures in bathrooms underway.

  • Framing of walls and ceiling in G1 West Lobby continues.

  • Installation of Stainless Steel casework in Vivarium continues.

  • Installation of MRI Quench Vent

Level 1

  • Fume hood installation underway in South Tower Wet Labs.

  • Installation of Center monumental stairs is underway.

  • Framing of center atrium ceiling and soffits underway.

Level 2

  • Installation of Interior storefront glass installation continues on L1 & L2

  • West atrium soffit continues.

Level 3

  • Installation of interior store front glass continues.

  • Installation of doors and glass sidelights continues at offices.

  • Progress view from L3 West bridge looking East into Atrium area towards HSRB-I (2/17/21 Versus 2/17/22)

Level 4

  • Terminate lab panels.

  • Atrium electrical rough-in begins.

  • Lab light fixture & Service panel installation continues in South Tower wet labs.

  • Finishing of drywall in South Tower continues.

Level 5

  • Installation/hanging of Drywall in North Tower Underway.

  • Installation of lighting & service panels in South Labs continues.

Level 6

  • Drywall installation completed at interior of Skylight.

  • In wall MEP Rough-in continues.

Mechanical Penthouse

  • Installation of Terracotta tiles on exterior of mechanical penthouses has begun.

  • Exterior Eyebrow metal panels is underway at MC 3 & 4.

  • Air Handling Units (AHU) device installation continues.

  • TPO roof installation continues on the South Penthouse roof.

  • Final coat of colored stucco at exterior skylight walls is in progress.


  • Marble installation continues on South & SW Façade of South Tower @ MC #9, #10 & #12.

  • Stucco installation on exterior of Skylight continues.

  • Installation of curtainwall glass at Pedestrian bridges continues.

  • Installation on glass has begun ay curtain wall #6.

HSRB – I Vivarium Expansion:

Installation of overhead MEP pipes continues.

  • Framing of walls in interior of space continues.

  • HVAC ductwork pressure testing is underway.


  • Installation of light weight soils for plaza areas continues.

Next week's (2/21/22 to 2/26/22) scheduled work activities:


  • Installation of Biorepository to continue.

  • Final coat of paint applied in offices.

  • Biorepository installation continues.


  • Installation of Stonhard in BSL 3 labs to be completed.

  • Drywall and framing continues throughout space.

  • Framing of walls and ceilings in G1 Lobby continues

  • Stainless Steel Countertops in Vivarium continues.

  • Installation of ACT grid to continue in South Tower.

Level 1

  • Sterilizer installation begins.

  • installation of lab casework resumes.

  • Hanging of walls in granting garden continues.

  • Installation of Fume Hood Alcoves continues.

Level 2

  • Installation of Fixed casework continues

  • Sterilizer installation begins.

  • Installation of Atrium window wall framing.

Level 3

  • Sterilizer installation begins.

  • Primer & first coat of paint in South Labs.

Level 4

  • Sterilizer installation begins.

  • Terminate lab panels.

  • Finishing of Drywall in – South Tower continues.

  • Atrium electrical rough-in continues.

Level 5

  • Finishing of Drywall in North Tower is underway.

  • Hanging of Drywall in South Tower continues.

Level 6:.

  • In wall MEP rough - ins continues.

Mechanical Penthouse

  • Installation of Metal panels at Eyebrows above Master Climbers #3 & #4 to continue.

  • AHU device installation continues.

  • Installation of Terracotta tiles to continue.

  • Framing of Roof Doghouses begins.


  • Marble installation continues on MC # 9, 10, & 12 (master climber).

  • Installation of MRI Quench vent has begun.

HSRB – I Vivarium Expansion:

  • Installation of Overhead MEP lines and wall framing continues.

  • Rough – in of In-wall MEP continues.

  • Top out of Drywall begins.


  • Installation of conduit and plaza area light bases continues.

  • Excavation for North courtyard continues.

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