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Construction Update - 12/6/19

This past week's work (11/23 – 12/6) scheduled activities:

  • Continue installation of underground storm lines.

  • Installation of storm detention structures to regulate release of storm water down stream along A line completed.

  • 3 rows of 100 linear feet of 6 foot diameter pipe totaling approximately 9.800 CF of water storage.

  • Set concrete structures at C-1 area,

  • Begin Installation of emergency egress walkway along west face of HSRB 1.

Next week's look ahead (12/9 to 12/14) of scheduled activities.

  • Hydro vacuuming to verify existing conditions along storm water line B.

  • Excavation along west face of HSRB – I near café to uncover existing foundations at HSRB – I.

  • Continue installation of storm line C.

  • Continue to remove excess soil from site.

  • Ground Break Ceremony on 12/11/19.

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