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Construction Update - 11/19/21

The HSRB – II job site is continuing to perform work on site under modified site rules that take into account the latest recommendations from the CDC. We will continue as long as we feel that everyone on the job site can continue to do so safety. Effective Monday, August 9, 2021 Je Dunn will reinstitute/require the wearing of face masks on the job site. Additional new policy may be added in the future.

This past week's (11/15/21 to 11/20/21) scheduled work activities:


  • Began bathroom tile installation.

  • Lab casework installation continues .

  • Procab installation of Cyclotron vault.

  • Radiotracer hotcell installation continues.


  • In wall rough in continues – BSL North & South areas.

  • BSL South one siding drywall continues.

  • Installation of shielding in3t & 7T areas continues.

  • Stonehard Installation continues in North Vivarium areas.

  • Installation of PLC Controls for chillers in Mechanical room continues.

  • Installation of insulation on steam lines and chiller lines in mechanical room continues.

Level 1

  • Office & corridor lighting installation continues.

  • Closing in of mechanical shafts SY1 and SY3.

  • Installation of bathroom fixtures in community restrooms continues

  • Installation of fire rated glass has begun in lab neighborhoods.

Level 2

  • Installation of lighting in North tower offices continues.

  • Lab neighborhood installation of ACT grids has begun.

  • Installation of fire rated glass has begun in lab neighborhoods.

  • Concrete has been poured over the metal decking on East connector bridge L2 – L5 .

Level 3

  • Lab Neighborhood wall & hard ceiling cover up (installation of drywall) underway.

  • Plumbing fixture installation in Community restrooms has begun.

  • Framing of ACT grids in laboratory neighborhoods has begun.

Level 4

  • North Offices & Corridor lighting installation underway.

  • North offices hang drywall for walls and ceilings.

  • Installation of fire rated frames and glass in laboratory areas.

Level 5

  • North Offices hanging of drywall is underway.

  • lighting rough – in at hard ceilings is underway.

  • Hanging of drywall walls and ceiling in community restrooms.

  • hanging and finishing of hard ceilings in laboratory neighborhood

Level 6

  • Installation of “eyebrow” steel on exterior level 6 continues.)

  • Fire proofing of eyebrow steel continues.

  • Non-priority wall framing underway at North tower.

Mechanical Penthouse

  • MEP Installation continues in South & North towers.

  • Installation of cooling towers piping continues.

  • Exterior framing & sheathing continues on South tower.

  • Air and water barrier installation continues on exterior walls North & South Towers.

  • Fireproofing of skylight structural steel continues.

  • Installation of Cold Form Metal Framing at top of skylight is underway.


  • Marble installation and caulking on Northwest Façades continues.

  • Marble installation and caulking continues on the West Façade .

  • Installation of marble on MC #6 has begun at SW corner.

  • Granite installation on Northwest Façade continues.

  • Glazing Installation in G-1 lobby area is almost 100% complete.

  • Installation of TPO roofing on North Penthouse roofing has begun.

HSRB – I Vivarium Expansion:

  • Erection of steel columns and beams continues.

Next week's (11/22/21 to 11/27/21) scheduled work activities:

The Job site will be closed from 11/25/21 to 11/28/21 for Thanksgiving Holiday.

Work will resume on site on Monday 11/29/21

No weekly report will be issued on Friday, 11/26/21, next report will be on 12/3/21.


  • Von Galen remobilized for work at radiotracer hot cells.

  • continue installation of ACT ceiling grid.


  • Installation of 3T & 7T shielding continues.

  • BSL South Wall/Ceiling final inspections.

  • In wall rough- in continues – BSL North & South.

  • Vivarium North Stonhard installation continues.

Level 1

  • ACT grid and electrical rough in & trim out continues.

  • Hanging and finishing drywall walls and ceilings- South tower.

Level 2

  • Installation of Plumbing Fixtures in Community restrooms.

  • Installation of lab lighting and service panels in ceilings – South Tower.

Level 3

  • Installation of office and corridor lighting.

  • Continue installation of plumbing fixtures in community restrooms.

Level 4

  • Installation of fire rated frames and glass at lab neighborhoods.

  • Installation of lighting in corridors & offices in North Tower

  • Tile installation in community restrooms continues.

Level 5

  • Hanging of drywall in North Offices continues.

  • Hanging of drywall in community restrooms continues.

Level 6:

  • Installation of eyebrow steel continues.

  • Non-priority wall framing continues – North Tower.

Mechanical Penthouse

  • Installation of overhead MEP Continues – North & South Towers

  • Exterior framing and sheathing of South penthouse continues.

  • Installation of East curtain wall has begun.


  • Air and Water Barrier installation continues South tower.

  • Punched window openings aluminum surrounds installation continues on South elevation.

  • Marble installation continues on Northwest & Northeast Façade.

  • Marble installation continues on MC # 5, 6, & 7 (master climber)

  • Work on Installation of Skylight glass crew continues this week.

HSRB – I Vivarium Expansion:

  • Continue installation of steel beams & Columns.

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