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Construction Update - 11/1/2019

This past week's (10/28 – 11/1/19) scheduled construction activities:

  • Line drilling near HSRB – I will begin on Friday 11/1/19. -- This is a series of 4” holes drilled into a straight line resulting in a physical gap that will make the transfer of vibration towards HSRB I more unlikely.

  • Begin excavation for stormwater detention piping ( Line “A” ) along/parallel to Haygood Road.

  • Digging of test pit to identify rock elevations near HSRB – I

  • Drilled holes for rock removal charges. -- Test rock removal activity was performed on 10/30/19 @ 4:30 PM. -- No adverse effects reported by neighboring buildings.

  • Review of 50% construction documents continues departmental page turn meetings to begin 11/11/19.

Next Week's (11/4/19 to 11/8/19)

  • Removal of an old abandoned 4KVA electrical manhole near Haygood.

  • Excavation and installation of storm water line A along Haygood drive.

  • Ga Power to relocate guy wire for overhead power pole along Haygood to facilitate installation of storm water pipes.

  • Date for next rock removal activity has yet to be determined. Emory, Je Dunn, and CSX working on completion of insurance agreements and review of construction activities.

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