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Construction Update - 10/1/21

The HSRB – II job site is continuing to perform work on site under modified site rules that take into account the latest recommendations from the CDC. We will continue as long as we feel that everyone on the job site can continue to do so safety. Effective Monday, August 9, 2021 Je Dunn will reinstitute/require the wearing of face masks on the job site. Additional new policy may be added in the future.

This past week's (9/27/21 to 10/02/21) scheduled work activities:


  • Radiopharmacy Hot Cell Installation Continues.

  • Stonhard Epoxy Flooring installation continues.

  • Light fixture installation continues.

  • MEP work in Cyclotron vault, epoxy paint on ceiling, and floor have been completed.

  • Installation of Stonhard flooring in Animal Pet/CT room.


  • Vivarium wall and ceiling framing continues.

  • Finish framing of the isolation rooms.

  • MEP in wall rough -ins completed in vivarium – South.

  • Wall framing begins- BSL - SouthFlush and Fill of chilled water piping is underway.

Level 1

  • Erection of the East Bridge connection steel between HSRB – I & HSRB – II continues.

  • Restroom in wall and ceiling cover up underway.

  • Bus Duct A & C riser installation continues.

Level 2

  • Walls and Hard Ceiling inspections underway in North Tower..

  • Cable Tray installation continues.

Level 3

  • Lighting rough in continues – South Tower.

  • In-wall MEP insulation continues – South Tower .

Level 4

  • Hanging of one- sied drywall ongoing – South Tower..

  • Overhead MEP insulation installation continues.

  • In-wall insulation continues.

Level 5

  • Installation of spray on fireproofing on underside of center bridge is underway.

  • Soffit framing/top out – South Tower.

Level 6

  • Overhead MEP installation continues.

  • Non-Priority wall framing begins in North Tower.

Mechanical Penthouse

  • MEP Installation at underside of metal roof decking – North Tower.

  • Installation of vapor barrier roofing layer on North Tower Mechanical roof is underway.

  • Installation of metal roof decking on top of East roof trusses underway.Setting of the skylight Steel continues.


  • Installation of air & water barrier(teal color material) has been completed on the South Façade.

  • Marble installation and caulking on Northeast Façade nearing completion.

  • Installation of windows in punched openings on South Façade continues.

  • Granite installation on North Façade continues.


  • Functional testing of backup generators continues.

Next week's (10/04/21 to 10/9/21) scheduled work activities:


  • Stonhard flooring and wall installation continues.

  • Delivery and installation of Cyclotron with begin this week.

  • Overhead punch list is underway.


  • Vivarium wall and ceiling framing will continue.

  • wall framing continues BSL area – South.

  • Vivarium MEP and wall rough in continues in North area.

Level 1

  • Lab Neighborhood wall and ceiling cover up underway.

  • Tiling of community restroom begins.

Level 2

  • Erection of steel for east connector bridge continues.

  • Wall cover up underway in North Offices, North Tower.

Level 3

  • Lighting rough – in continues in South Tower.

  • Private office Hard ceiling wall inspections continue.

Level 4

  • Installation of overhead MEP insulation continues.

  • In-wall MEP insulation continues.

  • Lighting Rough - in – North Tower.

Level 5

  • Soffit framing/Top out – South Tower.

  • One siding of drywall – North Tower.

  • MEP rough – in South Tower.

Level 6

  • Overhead MEP installation continues.

  • Non-Priority wall framing continues – North Tower.

  • Start installation of VAV units.

Mechanical Penthouse

  • Installation of Overhead MEP Continues – North Tower

  • Installation of Metal decking on South Penthouse roof continues.

  • Pouring of concrete decking on areas 3 &4 of South Penthouse.

  • Installation/setting of the skylight steel continues.

  • Exterior framing and sheathing of North penthouse continues.


  • Air and Water Barrier installation continues.

  • Framing and Glazing of punched window openings continues on South Façade.

  • Marble installation continues on Northwest Façade.

  • Installation of Vapor Barrier on North Mechanical penthouse will continue (Weather Permitting).


Functional testing of generators will continues for 1 more week.

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