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Construction Update - 1/31/2020

This past week's (1/27/20 to 2/1/20) scheduled work activities:

  • Deep excavation continues at the G2 Level of building.

  • Installation of new 24” concrete pipe to complete B line detention system along Andrews Circle and Loading Dock.

  • Demolition of Existing ADA ramp on HSRB – I.

  • Drilling and blasting of rock was conducted on 1/27, 1/29, and weather permitting will be done on 1/31.

Next week's (2/3/20 to 2/8/20) scheduled work activities:

  • Deep excavation for G-2 level to continue.

  • Drilling will continue for future rock removal on 2/3, 2/5, & 2/7.

  • Excavation work near existing HSRB – I loading dock will continue in preparation for the installation of new domestic & fire water lines in the next few weeks.

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