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Construction Update - 10/18/19

This  week’s (10/14 – 10/18) scheduled construction activities included:

  • Completed removal of abandoned cooling tower pipe.

  • Completed mobilization into trailer by JE Dunn, at 1735 Gambrell Drive.

  • Completed Installation of foam protection on HSRB – I windows.  

  • In anticipation of digging to test pits week of 10/21/19.

  • Continued installation of temporary erosion control pond.

  • First step to begin installation of new underground stormwater management system.

  • Tree removal/relocation continues.

Next week’s (10/21 – 10/26) scheduled construction activities will include:

  • Digging test pits near HSRB – I patio outside of Café.

  • Begin excavation for installation of Storm detention piping (Line A) on interior of site fence running parallel to Haygood street.

  • Removal of additional site light poles.

  • Additional storm detention pipe to be delivered to site.

  • Additional photo documentation on exterior and interior of surrounding buildings.

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