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Construction Update - 10/11/19

This week’s (10/7 – 10/11) scheduled construction activities included::

  • Tree removal on site continues. Small tree/shrub relocation begins.

  • Digging of test pits to verify rock profile near HSRB - I begins.

  • JE Dunn Team moves into trailers.

  • Hydrovac utility location work continued on site.

  • Begin removal of abandoned underground cooling tower pipes. 

  • Delivery of materials to protect 1st floor windows on HSRB – I. 

  • Temporary power hook up at Job Trailer, and move in of furniture.

  • Video documentation of existing stormwater pipes leaving site, under CSX tracks into Lullwater.

Next week’s (10/14 – 10/18) scheduled construction activities will include::

  • Completion of pipe removal.

  • Continue mobilization into trailer by JE Dunn and their trade partners. -- Fence installation continues with screen fabric to arrive and be installed.

  • Installation of foam /plywood protection on HSRB – I windows.

  • Digging of test pits near HSRB- I to verify edge of previously excavated rock from HSRB – I project.

  • Begin installation of temporary erosion control pond. -- First step to begin installation of new underground stormwater management system.

  • Tree removal/relocation continues.

  • Additional Hydro- vacuuming to locate exiting underground utilities.

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