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Construction Update - 1/07/2022

This past week's (1/03/22 to 1/08/22) scheduled work activities:


  • Electrical connections.

  • Installation of Mechanical fittings.

  • Elevator 4 sump pump installation.

  • H2I remobilize to complete installation.

  • Installation of ACT grid is underway.


  • Hanging/Installation of Drywall.

  • Primer and First coat of paint in South Offices.

  • Installation of cable trays in hallways.

  • Continue with installation of catwalk in BSL3 area.

  • Framing work continues at Wonder Wall.

  • Installation Of Shielding for 7T MRI continues.

Level 1

  • Hanging of ACT grid in South area.

  • Primer and 1st coat of finish paint in North offices.

  • Installation of selected casework has begun.

Level 2

  • Electrical System trim out of fixtures.

  • Hanging and Finishing drywall – North Tower.

Level 3

  • Finishing drywall in South Tower.

  • Pull electrical wiring South Tower.

Level 4

  • Hanging drywall South Tower.

  • Plumbing fixtures installed in community restrooms.installation of fireproofing on Est connector bridges.

Level 5

  • Installation of framing for supports of horizontal glass hangrailings.

Level 6

  • Installation of fan coil units and insulation in North Tower.

Mechanical Penthouse

  • MEP Installation continues in South & North towers.

  • running of electrical and control wires to AHU’s.

  • Continue framing and sheathing of Atrium Skylight structure.


  • Marble installation continues on the Master Climbers #7, 8, and 9.

  • Installation of TPO roofing on South Penthouse roofs continues.

  • Installation of steel framing for curtain wall #1 and stairs continues.

HSRB – I Vivarium Expansion:

  • Concrete has poured on top of metal roof deck.Hanging to temp work lights in new space.Contractor preparing to make utility connections into new space in coming weeks/months.


  • Lay out of planting and sidewalk areas on plaza deck has begun.Installation of soils for plaza area is also underway.

Next week's (1/10/22 to 1/14/22) scheduled work activities:


  • Installation of Air distribution equipment continues.

  • Installation of lighting fixtures continues.

  • Hamilton Biorepository installation continues.

  • H2I installation continues.


  • Installation of mechanical values at Catwalk continues.

  • Continue framing for wonder wall in lobby area.

  • Installation of conduit and electrical fixtures continues at catwalk.

  • Drywall finishing in corridors, mezzanine, and 7T room continues.

  • Installation of ACT ceilings in South offices continues.

Level 1

  • Hanging ACT ceilings in North tower.

  • Layout and framing of granting garden wall.

  • Primer and 1st coat of finish paint on North Tower.

Level 2

  • Ductwork rough-in at East Connector Bridges.

  • Atrium Glass Wall headers installed.

Level 3

  • Finishing drywall – South.

  • Hanging Drywall – North.

  • Installation of lab lighting, Service panels, and control wiring- South.

  • Installation of Steel for Monumental Stairs continues.

Level 4

  • Electrical trim out of fixtures for hanging of ACT ceilings in – South Tower.

  • Hanging Drywall in – South Tower.

Level 5

  • Installation of “shoes” for Atrium Glass wall.

Level 6

  • Installation of eyebrow drains.

  • Installation of fan coil units in North Tower.

Mechanical Penthouse

  • Start up of AHU 1.3 in South Mechanical penthouse.

  • Setting Glass -Roof Level.

  • Continue framing and sheathing of Skylight walls.


  • Marble installation continues on MC # 7, 8 & 9 (master climber)

  • Installation of TPO roofing continues on South Penthouse Roof.

  • Curtin wall #1 installation of framing to continues.

HSRB – I Vivarium Expansion:

  • Installation of Overhead plumbing pipe begins in new space.


  • Layout of Plaza deck and installation of soils continues.

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